We're here showing up for our community as 5,000 Northern Rivers locals process the devastating news that only 1,400 of 6,400 applicants were approved house raising, retro refit or buy back grants. 

16 months is an excessive amount of time to wait and now many don't know where to turn. So, we're on a community-led mission to raise some money and fix the homes of 100 most at risk community members over 10 days. 

It's a mission, a big one. But, with many hands big things can happen. When the system has failed us in the past our people keep showing up. We're in dire straights right now and we're asking you to dig deep and help everyday Aussies living in the toughest, cold conditions right now. Every dollar and every hour counts. 

Who's behind this a massive team of 50+ volunteers from across the region over 100 trades have already signed up. 

The support team are here to help: 

Mick Fanning

Mick Fanning, is known to most as three-time World Surf League champion. However, in the Woodburn, Coraki, Broadwater, and neighboring areas, he is affectionately known as big brother Mick who helped us save each other.

In the immediate aftermath of the destructive floods, Mick rallied his mates and orchestrated the establishment of the M1 boat ramp to facilitate a community-led emergency response.

Even now, 16 months later, Mick and his mates persistently lend a hand, aiding locals in their recovery efforts and providing support to help them rebuild their lives. Mick Fanning's unwavering dedication showcases the transformative impact that a compassionate individual can have on a community.

Lyndall Murray 

Lyndall was actively involved in the community-led flood emergency response from the start, stepping in when 000 and the SES failed to provide assistance for her friends' rescue. Alongside a dedicated community team, she ran an emergency call center from her own lounge room for 16 days, ensuring that help reached those in desperate need.

With two decades of experience in digital marketing focusing on mission-driven brands that redefine business as a force for good, Lyndall brings invaluable expertise to the team. She firmly believes in the power of social impact movements to drive systemic change and create thriving futures for our communities. Together we can revive life on the flood plain. 

Mish Canning 

Mish Canning, a dedicated real estate marketing agent and Currumbin Valley local, played a crucial role as one of the first responders during last year's devastating floods.

Captain of the M1 boat ramp she along with a dedicated Currumbin community united efforts of countless individuals who swiftly mobilized to address the unfolding emergency.

Leveraging her expertise and deep connection to the community, Mishy brings invaluable skills to the table, contributing to the ongoing completion of this community-led response to the region's natural disaster. Her unwavering commitment continues to play a vital part in overcoming the challenges that gripped the area in last year.

Natasha Shearer 

Natasha has been an instrumental figure in the flood recovery efforts from the very beginning. Serving as a conduit, she has connected individuals along the coast and facilitated access to crucial resources like transportation and building supplies. Recognizing the needs of the community, Natasha took the initiative to establish the Facebook page "Rebuilding NR 2022," providing a vital platform for communication and support.

Through her unwavering commitment, she has fostered collaboration and played a pivotal role in the collective efforts of rebuilding and recovery. Natasha's dedication and impact have made a significant difference in the lives of those affected by the floods.

Bianca Rayner 

As a 5th generation Coraki local, Bianca is passionate about proactive solutions to ensuring the long term social and economic recovery of Northern Rivers residents. She is a vocal advocate for systemic and legislative reform in the wake of unprecedented natural disasters, with a particular focus on isolated rural and regional communities like her own.

Bianca was an integral part of the initial community-led disaster response and continues to invest her time in assisting with and coordinating projects across the Richmond Valley.

Krystal Pillwein

Driven by a deep commitment to the welfare and well-being of the Woodburn & surrounding community, Krystal has been a steadfast presence on the ground since the very beginning of the flood disaster in 2022. She has selflessly devoted her time and energy to assist those in need, demonstrating unwavering dedication and compassion. Her tireless efforts have made a significant impact, and this has earned her the admiration and gratitude of the community. Her passion for serving others shines through in her continuous commitment to helping and uplifting those facing challenging circumstances.


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